From the beginning.

The story behind the name is really pretty simple, embarrassing but simple.


It was about 15 years or so ago, my friend  and I were working on his car. We were at this little crap hole shop he worked at, it was cold as hell and we had no heat in the shop.  We may have been drinking,  a lot. But that’s not what’s important here.  This place was an old run down shop that had been many things in the past but now it’s an old German automotive repair shop. In the back of this shop sits a 50's Mercedes, this thing had been there for years. It really wasn't much to look at and I really had no idea what what is was at the time... Or what the next 15 minutes held for us but we were on this path already and we weren't turning back.  We were killing ourselves to remove this one bolt under the intake of the car and it wasn't coming off without a fight!  It's the middle of the night in this dungeon and we are about two hours into this bolt debacle. Needless to say tempers were flaring.  Then it happened, we were having a conversation about starting our own company because of the crappy work conditions and the wrench he was working with slipped for the thousandth time and he smashed his hand AGAIN!!  The next thing I know he turns and throw’s this wrench as hard as he could.  This had been the summary of the night.  I had retrieved just about every tool we had from the other end of the shop for one reason or another but this time… this time it happened!!! We hear a loud thud and I see this look of horror on my friends face. We both walk to the end of the shop to retrieve the wrench but this time it hit something else, it hit the fender of what I would find out later is a $500K 50's Mercedes sitting quietly in the back of the shop! Thus Flyin Wrench was born!  The rest is a blur of drunken rage and damaged vintage car parts. This was just one of a thousand stories we will tell over the years when we sit and remember all that we have went through together!