#SAVEKENNY Official Brew Krewe Racing 2019 Shirts

2019 Official Brew Krewe racing shirts are being offered to help save Kenny. Who is Kenny you ask?? The ever trusted 860 car that was named after a close friend Kenny Black that donated the original chassis to us many years ago.  

On 6/16 2019 the Brew Krewe racing team suffered a major fire. While running at the front of the field and even leading the race the car suffered a failure to a fuel component causing a fire that quickly consumed the right rear portion of the car and damage most of the cockpit safety and instrumentation . 

Every shirt sold will help with the repair and replacement parts to help Brew Krewe get back to racing. Our next event is July 13th and 14th at the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway!! If you want to donate you can click Here

We want to say thank you to everyone that buys a shirt or donates to the team. We could not make this happen without your support!

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